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Ron: Yes Angie: I do remember the first time, so it was a case of actually considering that you could be the one.

For now, my daughter’s attending a community college. In either case, as she meets new young men, new opportunities a different world than what she’s been used to will open up to her.College is an opportunity to equip yourself with skills that will give you more choices and greater security in life.Devote the years you’re enrolled in college first to your education and pursuit of a profession.It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, but unless you’re completely head-over-heels, there are probably plenty of other potential college dating opportunities out there for you.Angie: So, has it always been smooth sailing in our relationship?Ron: I also think that the question of juggling family life, work and school was always one and the same. Angie: I think part of what was happening was that you, I think, I mean I might be assuming but it was something of having, okay so you gotten used to our relationship, you know it was solid and so it was okay. Angie: I think I had said that to you in the early days. Ron: Thank you very much I could not come up with a better excuse. I remember before you left that we had an outing we went to Mount St. It was a really nice evening together, we sang, remember we sang, ‘Free as a Bird’? I think that was really the beginning, okay, can I live without …